Global Warming Could Mean More Intense Hurricanes

Storm WindowsAccording to a May 2012 Accuweather article, a warming climate could mean that there will be fewer, but more intense hurricanes overall per year. Kerry Emanuel, an Atmospheric Science professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained to Accuweather that warmer temperatures will cause the earth’s mid atmosphere to be drier, which should result in fewer hurricanes.

However, a warming climate should also mean that the temperature levels of the sea’s surface will rise. Warmer sea surfaces are believed to lead to more intense hurricanes. So what does that mean to you as a homeowner in the Florida area? It means that your home’s windows and doors are going to be in even more danger than ever of being damaged by hurtling debris during a powerful hurricane.

To combat the possibility of multiple broken windows, smart homeowners are having impact windows and doors, as well as storm windows professionally installed on their homes. These homeowners realize that severe damage can be done to the inside of their homes if they do not have impact windows and doors and storm windows because regular glass can be easily broken by debris, leaving the contents of their homes exposed to the violent forces of nature.

Although most people hope that the warming weather trend can be reversed some day, it is best to prepare for the worst that nature may have in store for you by having impact windows and doors and sturdy storm windows installed on your home. As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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