Can Storm Windows Improve the Resale Value of Your Home?

exterior storm windowsHome improvement continues to be extremely popular, with a staggering six million people reporting they replaced or upgraded their windows, according to the 2010 United States Census. Most people consider installing exterior storm windows for improved protection from stormy weather, but it can have the added benefit of increasing your resale value.

Enhanced Home Value

How much can storm windows replacement affect the value of your home? According to Remodeling Magazine, their 2006 survey of realty professionals showed window replacement as the best return for any home improvement project. It averaged an 89 percent return on money spent, ranking above popular kitchen and bath remodeling. Upgraded exterior storm windows can attract buyers who would like to protect their home from the elements, reduce heating and cooling costs and prevent moisture damage.

Immediate Return on Investment

For those not planning on selling their home anytime soon, there are other significant factors that make it a worthwhile home improvement. Typical single pane windows have an R-1 factor, meaning that the barrier between the exterior and interior temperatures is minimal. This draws heat towards the windows, wasting vast amounts of energy. With a storm windows replacement, air is captured in the space between windows to reduce energy costs.

Whether you are improving your home to reduce your heating costs or protecting it from bad weather, exterior storm windows can provide helpful solutions. The next time you are considering a project to improve your home, storm window replacement is a great long term investment.

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2 Responses to Can Storm Windows Improve the Resale Value of Your Home?

  • I think my answer is yes…yes storm windows can improve the resale value of house…My house is totally covered by storm windows….and my house resale value at present is very good..So this is my point of view about storm windows.and I am 100%agree with your post.Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Edward Cullen says:

    Ya! i too agree with you. A house storm protected window is of more value during resale because it gives more safety to the house and also it protects the people who live in the house from storm. So, people usually prefer to buy a home with storm windows.

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