Laminated Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

impact resistant doorsGetting your home, and even apartment, outfitted with reinforced windows guards you and your family against situations, like those involving the unexpectedness of weather and even times when the security of your home is compromised. In a severe storm, falling debris and strong windows can shatter window panes and even destroy your front door. With windows and doors strengthened against such situations, you’ll be able to avoid most of the problems–and repair bills–that come with sitting out a storm.

Strong windows and doors also help protect your home against home burglaries or invasions, including situations where an intruder may break windows or doors to gain entry. Impact resistant windows, and even impact resistant doors, actively solve most of these problems. These home essentials use laminated glass in place of regular glass or wood materials.

Laminated glass is also known as safety glass, since it’s designed to hold together broken glass after being ruptured by an outside force. When this type of strengthened glass breaks, the shards remain in place by a mostly invisible layer of material. This material often consists of thermoplastics, the most common being polyvinyl butyral (PVB). PVB, or other thermoplastics, are usually sandwiched between one or more layers of glass.

The process of producing laminated glass involves fusing one or more layers of glass with a layer of thermoplastic such as polyvinyl butyral or another type, in between those layers of glass. The fused glass material then passes through rollers to expel air bubbles before being heated in a pressurized oil bath to complete the bonding process.

This system of glass holds shards of glass together in the event of the glass breaking or even splintering due to sudden impact. You might remember seeing glass like this form a “spiderweb” on the surface of a cracked car window. That’s because most cars have impact resistant windows made from laminated glass. This spiderweb usually appears when laminated glass is ruptured and not completely broken.

Impact resistant doors, much like their window counterparts, have a large pane of laminated glass replacing what would be filled by normal glass or even strengthened wood or metal. These stronger versions of glass doors often replace rear house doors that probably would be shattered during a severe storm.

The denser property of impact resistant windows and impact resistant doors not only helps reinforce your house against outside threats, it also prevents sound waves from breaking through–resulting in a noise filtering effect.

Image, “A house in florida” appears courtesy of Flickr user, Brad.K under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

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5 Responses to Laminated Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

  • Jim Brandy says:

    Door and residential home windows will be the most useful devote the home where we’re capable of always make the most in the natural pleasure which gives enjoyment and quality within the atmosphere outdoors.

  • These stronger versions of glass doors often replace rear house doors that probably would be shattered during a severe storm

  • Cindy Lapp says:

    Door and residential home windows would be the most helpful devote the house where we could always take advantage of the natural pleasure which gives enjoyment and quality in the atmosphere outdoors.

  • Jim Vatchaslava says:

    Now a days, it is necessary to protect windows and door from rain and water. For that , proper Window Treatment helps to protect them from the water and rain falling. Impact of using quality materials to protect windows and doors, will increase the life of the windows and doors.

  • Sandra Jones says:

    Every homeowner would try to protect their abode with all possible means. I know people who spend a lot of their income in installing doors and windows almost every two years. I would recommend them to install impact windows and doors and safeguard their houses from all natural calamities and hazards.

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