Hurricane Windows All Over The U.S.?

storm glassThere are times when a hurricane glass can be a welcome sight, such as when you’re chugging the fruity 64 ounce drink on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Living in Florida, the hurricane glass has a new meaning as it is a special reinforced, industrial grade material that is built to withstand the most devastating storms the area has to offer. Having impact-resistant windows and doors in Florida isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. Surviving a storm without having to replace all the windows is definitely something to raise a  glass to but are storm glass windows a viable option outside the so-called “hurricane belt?”

Obviously, putting storm glass on your house can never do any harm. Impact-resistant windows and doors are sturdily built to not only withstand hurricanes you’d experience in Florida or on the coast, but they also protect in inclement weather seen all across the United States. The Midwest is prone to tornadoes and the flat land also leads to less wind resistance so storm glass installation would benefit greatly.

Other Helpful Qualities of Storm Glass

Besides being able to withstand more intense weather force, hurricane glass and storm doors have other adhering qualities no matter where you live. Impact-defiant windows are harder to compromise for burglars and thieves who exist in all 50 states…and Guam! Also, while the desert states might not see their fare share of hurricanes, the intense heat is also thwarted with the installation of heavier glass windows. Storm glass helps protect against UV rays and makes it easier to cool your home on those 90+ degree days. On the contrary, in the Northern States when the typical temperature is in the negatives during the winter, storm glass and hurricane windows also keep the warm air inside. Plus, no matter what state you live in, rock musing blaring neighbors could be an issue and heavier windows also limit outside interference from entering your peaceful abode.

As you can see, hurricane glass windows are a viable upgrade option no matter what state you live in. The only thing that might hold you back in switching to storm glass windows is the slight price increase over standard windows. While that money might be spent initially, the savings of not having to replace them and the lower energy bills will pay off in no time. Plus, if you want to save extra money purchase your hurricane glass windows from a distributor in Florida where they’re mass produced for less cost and have them shipped to your state.

Image, “The intricate patterns left by rain” appears courtesy of Flickr user, GirlReporter under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

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  • Sandra Jones says:

    You have rightly pointed out that impact windows and doors can be called as “hurricane belt”. Your post not only gives us information about impact windows & doors but also help us to the necessity of such doors and windows for every house located in hurricane prone zone. Installing such door and windows can make us confident to say, “Hey, Mr. Hurricane… come…we have now shielded our houses with strong impact windows and doors.”

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