Replacement Windows to Weather the Storm

replacement windowsHomes in Florida face extreme weather conditions, so when it’s time to choose replacement windows because of storm damage or as part of a large home improvement project, choose storm proof windows. The choice of the right window can mean the difference between the elements causing additional damage to the home during high winds and rains.

Proper installation of new windows can do more than protect from wind and rain. Impact proof windows will keep heat from entering your home, lowering the amount of money you pay to the utility company. Special coatings on replacement windows can also help keep costly UV rays from causing sun damage to carpets, furniture, draperies and other accessories within your rooms.

If the home has faced extreme wind and rain, causing damage to the existing window, inspect the entire window area before the installation of replacement windows. Even storm proof windows will not be able to offer the full protection that they have been designed for if they are installed in an improperly prepared area.

Check to see that the wood and insulation in the window area is not damaged. Check for moisture that could cause rot or mold. The hurricane windows will be ready to install when the required repairs are made.

An improperly installed replacement window may void the warranty from the manufacturer. Make sure that the right window is chosen, that proper inspection and preparation is made before the window is installed, and that the manufactures directions are followed to give your home the best protection with new storm proof windows.

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