Storm Window Installation: Can You Do It Yourself?

storm windowsPutting storm windows in your home benefits you and your family in many ways. A storm window provides more insulation and a stronger barrier between you and the forces of nature outside. Unlike a traditional window, a storm window can handle hail, gusts of wind and other outside hazards without cracking and breaking. A solid window will cut down on your energy costs, lowering your utility bills. But what happens if your storm windows aren’t installed correctly?

Although installing the windows yourself may seem like a money-saving option, improperly installed windows cost you the benefits of having storm windows and may even pose a safety hazard. Water may condense on the inside of the storm window, warping the frame over time and causing damage to any surrounding wood. The energy-saving benefits of the window are lost through poor installation, costing you more in utility bills. The overall structure and integrity of the windows may be compromised due to improper installation, and you may be forced to remove the windows and buy new ones.

If you already have the right tools and knowledge, you may be able to install the windows yourself. But if you don’t have the tools, experience or time necessary to install windows, hiring a professional contractor will save you hassle and money in the long run. A professional contractor will install the windows correctly, will help you if you have problems later and can answer any questions or concerns you have about the windows and the installation process.

*Image, “New House” appears courtesy of Flickr user, spilltojill under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.

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