Benefits of Hurricane Proof Replacement Windows

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Protecting a dwelling from hurricane-force winds and the debris may not be at the top of your priority list until a storm’s arrival is imminent. Many who reside in hurricane-prone regions have learned the hard way that using plywood and duct tape to reinforce windows may offer little protection.

Riding out a hurricane can be a terrifying experience and the damage caused by these storms can be very expensive to repair. Hurricane related damage to buildings often occurs when windows and their reinforcements (hurricane shutters) fail in the face of high winds, airborne debris and driving rains.

In the wake of devastating hurricanes, many Florida counties updated building codes that require builders to install protective coverings for entry points. Hurricane proof replacement windows have be proven to provide protection from wind pressure, rain and certain types of debris. These durable windows also offer increased security, which is a homeowner’s concern during every season.

Impact resistant windows are often made of wood, vinyl, or fiberglass fitted with impact-resistant glass. Homes that were built without impact resistant windows can still be fitted with new replacement windows that complement the building’s exterior and improve drive-up appeal. Enhanced curb appeal may actually increase a property’s resale value.

Hurricane proof replacement windows are economical and offer improved energy efficiency. Replacing cracked or drafty windows with Energy Star impact resistant windows can actually reduce your energy costs by more than 30% and may qualify homeowners for insurance discounts. Impact windows can provide much more than hurricane protection and are a worthwhile investment for every homeowner.

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