Hurricane Shutters: An Imperfect Means of Protection

hurricane shutters

Are hurricane shutters enough to protect your home? Although Florida has enjoyed a series of quiet hurricane seasons in recent times, the memory of 2004, the year five storms made landfall on Florida shores, should encourage families to consider doing whatever it takes to protect their homes.

Of course, the common act of defense is to have shutters installed on every window in your home. Are these devices all they’re cracked up to be? Is your home impervious to the violent forces of nature that are prone to attack Florida each year?

People commonly hold the misconception that shutters offer absolute protection against hurricane winds.

In truth, these products aren’t designed to withstand wind pressure. Instead, they protect your windows against flying debris. Your home is certainly safer with hurricane shutters installed, but the greatest damage can occur when standard windows are compromised in the event of a hurricane.  You’d be better protecting your home by choosing a solution that not only prevents windows from shattering due debris but is also designed to withstand exposure to extreme winds.

What year was your home built? If your answer is a date prior to 1998, your home is not likely up to current safety standards. Current policy states that all windows must pass a wind-load test to ensure that they can stand up to hurricane winds, though it should be noted that – even if your home was recently built – it still requires further protection against debris.

Consider a complete solution for home protection – choose impact windows and doors.

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