What You Need to Know Before Buying Windows and Doors

buying windows and doors

Buying windows and doors for your home is a substantial investment, so you’ll want to be sure that you ask all the right questions, know all the right specs and evaluate all your choices.

Most people aren’t familiar with all of this, so they rely on their contractor to tell them what they need to know. But how do you know your contractor is looking out for your best interest? Simple, go into the process armed with your own knowledge.

Here are some helpful tips to making the right window and door replacement decisions:

Trust a contractor who only deals with reputable manufacturers.

With all the brands and deals out there, it’s easy to get caught up in just finding the best price, but this is not necessarily where you should be trying to save a few pennies. Go with a reputable dealer, and be sure to ask for references and read customer testimonials about their products.

Choose a contractor willing to work with you.

Not only should you be an educated consumer, but you should feel comfortable with who you choose to work with. They should be upfront about costs and, if the opportunity arises, even be honest enough to suggest a more cost-effective option if it is right for your home. They should be looking out for your best interest, not just the bottom line.

Know about any warranties available.

When buying windows, be sure to ask and take not of warranty information. Choose a reputable dealer who offers a full warranty, and know how long the warranty is good for before you buy. Also, keep all of this in writing in your files for safe-keeping.

Choose custom-sized windows and doors.

Most places will offer this option, and it is well worth it. Choosing custom-sizing avoids having to do any additional construction work to your home to accommodate the new windows and doors. They will fit right in, installation will be easier and the end result will be one you’re much happier with.

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