What They Don’t Tell You About Hurricane Shutters…

Did you know that hurricane shutters are not meant to protect your home from the tremendous wind pressure creating by these storms?

It’s true. Hurricane shutters are designed only to create a barrier between your windows and flying debris. In this way, they do protect your home, but not as well as impact-resistant windows. Even with hurricane shutters in place, the wind pressure can still break regular glass windows, allowing damaging force winds to ravage your home and rapid changes in pressure to compromise the stability of the structure. When windows burst and hurricane winds are allowed in, this when the greatest damage is caused to homes.

Their job is to sell you shutters, though, so they won’t tell you that.

If your home was built before 1998, your windows likely do not meet current safety minimums. Since then, new building codes require every window to pass a “wind-load test” to be sure they can withstand hurricane-force wind pressure. However, this does not mean your windows will not break if struck with debris.

Impact-resistant windows are designed to not only withstand hurricane winds, but also to be shatter-resistant against flying debris.

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