Money-Saving and Investment Benefits with Impact-Resistant Windows

While choosing impact-resistant windows or standard windows can be the pricier option, you’ll recover your costs relatively quickly when you take into consideration all the savings and benefits the added protection can bring you.

Insurance discounts: Installing impact-resistant windows in your home can get you sizable discounts on your home insurance since they qualify as effective hurricane protection. Policy-holders can see up to 45% in premium discounts.

Be sure to check with your home insurance provider to ensure you receive all discounts available.  See homeowners insurance buyer’s guide for more information when getting homeowners insurance, and buying tips.

Burglary protection: Since impact-resistant glass does not shatter like regular glass, your new windows are an extremely good deterrent against burglary attempts. The most common break-in entry method for home burglaries is through windows, but this threat is nearly eliminated when your regular glass windows are replaced with impact-resistant windows.

Many people say the safety of themselves and their family is the top reason for choosing impact-resistant windows.

Safety and convenience: You’ll never have to worry about being away from home when a hurricane is approaching. If you are on vacation or away, you can relax and know your home is protected – and not have to rush home to close up hurricane shutters. Peace of mind is priceless.

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