Impact-Resistant Glass Benefits: Beyond Hurricanes

When people think of impact-resistant windows, their first thought is often hurricane protection, but there are also many other additional personal and cost benefits.

Increased UV protection: Because of the way they are made and the layers involved, impact-resistant windows provide 99-percent UV light blocking. This protects not only you and your family, but also important family photos, heirlooms and your furniture. UV rays coming through regular windows can cause irreversible fading and damage to these items, but impact-resistant glass will filter all damaging light out.

Plus, you have the benefit of UV protection without needing any tint on your windows. If you enjoy natural sunlight filling your home, impact-resistant windows can let you have it without any noticeable reduction in light coming in.

Noise reduction: The extra thickness and layers of impact-resistant windows provide you with unsurpassed noise reduction in your home. Traffic, noisy neighbors and other loud sounds now stay outside your home without disrupting your peace inside.

Incredible energy efficiency: The multi-layered impact-resistant glass of your new windows will help keep the temperature inside your home constant and consistent. Regular glass does not stop heat or cold air from getting in or out of your home. Impact-resistant windows, however, keep the temperature you want inside your house, saving you money on your electric bill month after month.

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One Response to Impact-Resistant Glass Benefits: Beyond Hurricanes

  • I must admit that this is very insightful. I honestly knew very little about impact-resistant glass until reading this.

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