Safety Benefits of Impact-Resistant Glass

The most important benefit of impact-resistant glass is its strength. Because it is created by layering pieces of glass and an interlayer made of polyvinyl butyral, or PVB, the glass remains bonded, even when broken. Instead of shattering into tiny pieces like normal glass, the pieces stay together and crack in a spider web-like pattern.

Impact-resistant glass should be used in all cases when there is the chance of human impact, such as automobile windshields or skylights in homes and buildings. This decreases the likelihood of injury by accidents.

Hurricane-prone areas can also benefit from using impact-resistant glass in place of regular glass in places such as store fronts, homes and curtain walls and windows. Shattered glass after storms is a common cause of injury during hurricanes.

Aside from injury-prevention and protection, glass with a PVB interlayer also blocks 99 percent of harmful UV light and also serves to insulate sound at a high rate due to this extra layer.

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