Making the Choice Between Standard and Impact-Resistant Windows

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, such as Florida, impact-resistant windows may be necessary in order to comply with building codes.  see List of Florida Hurricanes.

But if you are making the decision for your personal benefit and safety, there are several to consider.

Factors such as cost, appearance and convenience need to be evaluating to be sure you choose the right window option for your lifestyle and budget. Once you make the decision, the next steps are choosing the right product and making sure you take into account the time needed to install your new windows.

Choosing to install impact-resistant glass windows in your home can have several benefits aside from safety. They can help maintain the indoor temperature of your home due to the extra layers and can greatly improve the exterior look of your home since you would not require hurricane shutters. For many, this is the biggest consideration and the biggest positive decision-maker.

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